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About Rock'n Designs

Rock'n Designs was formed many years ago from the creative genius and crafty prowess of Pamela.   As an avid DIY'er, she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty...  Actually, she prefers it. Most days you'll find her covered in sawdust and or paint.   Pamela got started building stuff around the house after finding inspiration from DIY T.V. shows.  Her husband, Shane, started buying her tools instead of typical girly stuff and the rest is history.   Friends and friends of friends started asking Pamela to build her unique furniture for themselves.

There are many things we build, from outdoor furniture to shadow box coffee tables to signs, clocks, or even custom bartops and bar stools.  And we do it with style!  Why be boring?   You'll notice that most of our furniture is more functional art with a Rock'N Roll theme.   Take a look at our gallery below.   Please contact us if you have an idea and would like to discuss it.

Pamela Regal
Have an idea you'd like to discuss?
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